Optical Dome

Optical Dome

Optical Dome is composed of two parallel optical surfaces. Among optics, domes are unique because, unlike any other optical components, the key attribute of the dome is to have no optical effect. Mirrors reflect light, lenses bend light, and domes ideally change nothing. Typically the lead element in an optical system, a dome is often exposed to the environment to resist wind & rain erosion for pyrometers, and as high-pressure viewports in underwater cameras and submersibles.

Optical domes are lenses with two concentric spherical surfaces. Sometimes they are referred to as bent-plan parallel plates. Consequently, it is customary to define parallelism between two surfaces as the maximum thickness variation between the two surfaces. In perfect domes, the convex radius is equal to the sum of the dome thickness and concave radius. Slight departures from that rule are sometimes desired.

These protection optical domes are high-quality optical products that are produced through precision polishing. They ensure clear, distortion-free protection for your camera objective or other sensitive equipment.

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Optical Dome

Common materials for optical domes are H-K9L, equivalent N-BK7, N-BK10, N-K5, fused silica, and Silicon:

-H-K9L, N-BK7, N-BK10, and N-K5 

They have similar characteristics, a relatively hard material, with excellent chemical durability, and wider transmission. These characteristics make them very suitable protection for Pyronometers' thermoelectric detectors.

-K9L and N-BK7

With excellent mechanical and chemical properties, also offer excellent transmission from 300nm up to 2µm, with very few bubbles and inclusions, making them perfect for high-performance visible applications. The thicker optical dome is ideal for underwater applications such as ROV, pipeline detection, and underwater probing and is widely used in the marine sector, underwater oil exploration, etc. The thicker optical dome is also suitable for underwater applications such as underwater robotics, pipeline detection, and underwater exploration, and is widely used in the marine sector and underwater oil exploration.

-Fused Silica

With excellent mechanical and chemical properties, UV quartz has high transmission at 200-400nm and IR quartz has excellent transmission from UV to NIR 3600nm. They are a good choice for high-quality Pyranometers, and UV Radiometers, and UV fused silica is also a common choice for underwater applications.


With good transmission in the IR, is used for Pyrgeometers.

The materials that can be customized are Optical Glasses, Fused Silica, Silicon:

MaterialsDimension Range
UV Fused SilicaDiameter 15 mm to 125mm
IR Fused SilicaDiameter 15 mm to 100mm
Optical Glasses
H-K9L from CDGMDiameter 15 mm to 165mm with high-quality polishing
Diameter 165 mm to 280mm with commercial polishing
Optical glass from Schott or OharaDiameter 15 mm to 125mm
SiliconDiameter 15 mm to 80 mm

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Type No. Data sheet MaterialDiameter (mm)Thickness (mm)Height of DOMEUnit Price (Qty1-4)Unit Price (Qty5-10) Volume pricing ava alable for 10+,please add to quote.
CLZ-Dome-24 PDF > H-K9L 24 2 13 $200.00 $150.00
CLZ-DOME-30FS-A PDF > Fused Silica 30 2 15 $350.00 $300.00
CLZ-Dome-25 PDF > H-K9L 25 2 12.5 $200.00 $150.00
CLZ-DOME-50FS-A PDF > Fused Silica 50 2 25 $400.00 $350.00
CLZ-Dome-28 PDF > H-K9L 28 1.5 14 $200.00 $150.00
CLZ-Dome-30E PDF > H-K9L 30 2 15 $200.00 $150.00
CLZ-Dome-30F PDF > H-K9L 30 4 16 $200.00 $150.00
CLZ-Dome-41 PDF > H-K9L 41 1.5 20.5 $200.00 $150.00
CLZ-Dome-50A PDF > H-K9L 50 2 25 $200.00 $150.00
CLZ-Dome-60B PDF > H-K9L 60 5 30 $300.00 $225.00
CLZ-Dome-75A PDF > H-K9L 75 3 37.5 $325.00 $250.00
CLZ-Dome-75B PDF > H-K9L 75 5 37.5 $325.00 $250.00
CLZ-Dome-76 PDF > H-K9L 76 5.5 38 $325.00 $250.00
CLZ-Dome-94 PDF > H-K9L 94.2 7 47.1 $400.00 $300.00
CLZ-Dome-100B PDF > H-K9L 100 4 50 $450.00 $400.00
CLZ-Dome-102 PDF > H-K9L 102 11 51 $450.00 $400.00
CLZ-Dome-104 PDF > H-K9L 104 4 52 $450.00 $400.00
CLZ-Dome-114 PDF > H-K9L 114 7.25 57 $600.00 $500.00

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