Concave Mirrors

Concave Mirrors

What is Concave (Focusing ) Mirrors?


Concave (Focusing ) Mirrors are often used in applications that require light collection. The reflective surface bend inwards to focus light toward the inner focal point. When the parallel light shines on concave mirrors. It reflects on the focal point in front of the mirror through its reflection. The reflective surface is the concave surface. The focus is in front of optical mirrors. When the light source is in focus, the emitted light forms a parallel beam after being reflected. The imaging effect is also different, when the distance between the concave mirror and the object is different. Concave mirrors and optical lenses have many similar optical properties, especially in optical information processing, which can play an equivalent role. Concave mirrors are widely used in daily life, such as microscopes, astronomical telescopes, dentist mirrors, imaging systems, laser systems and other applications.


What is substrates materials for Concave (Focusing ) Mirrors we can provide?


Optical Mirror base materials are made from low expansion glasses, depending on the quality required, Common substrate mateirals for mirrors include:

N-BK7 or H-K9L

Borosilicate glass

Fused silica



What kinds of reflective coatings for Concave (Focusing ) Mirrors we can provide?


Protected Aluminum

Enhanced Aluminum

Protected Silver

Protected Gold



What else can we do for Concave (Focusing ) Mirrors?


Custom variety of sizes

Custom Reflective Coating

Irregularity (P-V): 1λ to λ/10 (lambda/10)

Surface Quality: 20-10


CLZ optics is precision optical components manufacturer, we provide you with custom Concave (Focusing ) Optical Mirrors that meet your applications, but also provide you with high-value suggestions based on years of production and supply experience.

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