Borosilicate windows

Borosilicate windows

What is Borosilicate windows?

 Borosilicate windows are optically polished to provide outstanding visual quality and optical clarity. Compared with fused silica, they have a lower (although still relatively high) melting temperature, which makes them simpler and therefore cheaper to process. Their thermal expansion coefficient is higher than for fused silica, but still relatively low, resulting in good thermal shock resistance. Compared with N-BK7 windows, they have a higher melting temperature, and good thermal shock resistance.


Why choice Borosilicate windows?

 It a good choice for commercial quality optical windows than fused silica windows and N-BK7 windows when we need mechanical strength and thermal shock resistance, widely used in the fields of optics, photonics and opto-electronics.


What shape Borosilicate Window can we do?

Round optical windows

Rectangular and Square windows

Step optical windows


What size of Borosilicate windows we can produce?

For the Round windows, we can do diameter <400mm

For the Rectangular and Square windows, we can do 280mm x 280mm


What thinnest of Borosilicate windows we can produce?

When the diameter dimension or Length and width dimension less than 20mm, we can do the thickness 0.15mm.

When the diameter dimension or Length and width dimension less than 80mm, we can do the thickness 0.25mm.

CLZ Optical Co., Ltd. manufactures high-quality optical windows, including custom Fused Silica Windows, custom N-BK7 Windows, custom K9 Windows, custom Borosilicate Windows, custom Sapphire Windows, custom Silicon Windows, and other custom optical windows. Optical Windows are usually used in UV, VIS, and IR spectra. They are regarded as optical filters and protection covers.