Fused Silica Windows

Fused Silica Windows

Fused silica is a high-purity, colorless, and transparent glass with a wide range of transparency, low coefficient of thermal expansion, high resistance to optical damage, high refractive index, high uniformity, and easy processing, etc. It is widely used in many scientific research and industrial fields, such as aerospace, fiber optics, high-energy lasers, and other fields.

Excellent optical properties: quartz glass has excellent optical properties such as high transparency, low spontaneous light emission, and low dispersion, so it is widely used in lasers, fiber optic communications, solar cells, and other fields.

High thermal stability: quartz glass can withstand temperatures up to 1000°C or higher, and is therefore widely used in high-temperature chemical reactors, heat treatment equipment, and other fields.

Excellent chemical stability: quartz glass can withstand the erosion and corrosion of most chemicals, so it is widely used in chemical, biological, medical, and other fields.

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