Optical Filters

Optical Filters

Product Description:

Introducing our premium range of Optical Filters, designed to provide exceptional performance and versatility in various applications. Crafted with precision, these filters incorporate plastic or glass substrates, dye, and vaporized optical films to deliver outstanding optical properties and ensure optimum light transmission efficiency.

With a wide range of applications, our Optical Filters are widely used in scientific research, industrial processes, photography, and many other fields where manipulation of light is crucial. Whether it is to enhance image quality, block specific wavelengths, or achieve accurate color reproduction, our filters have got you covered.

The substrates used in our Optical Filters are either made of high-quality plastic or glass. Plastic substrates provide exceptional durability, lightweight construction, and resistance to impact, making them ideal for portable devices or applications where weight reduction is critical. On the other hand, glass substrates offer superior optical clarity and stability, making them perfect for applications that demand precise light control.

To achieve the desired filtering effects, we incorporate specialized dyes into our Optical Filters. These dyes selectively absorb certain wavelengths of light, allowing only the desired range to pass through. This enables the filters to precisely control the transmitted light spectrum, resulting in vivid and accurate color reproduction in photography, microscopy, and other imaging applications.

Moreover, our Optical Filters are equipped with vaporized optical films that further enhance their performance. These films are meticulously deposited onto the substrates using a vacuum coat process, ensuring uniformity, high transmission efficiency, and excellent resistance to environmental factors. This allows our filters to maintain their optical properties even under challenging conditions.

Our Optical Filters are designed to target specific regions of the light spectrum. For instance, our visible light filters are ideal for applications requiring precise control over colors and light intensity. They effectively transmit the visible spectrum while blocking unwanted wavelengths, resulting in vibrant and true-to-life images.

Furthermore, we offer IR filters that selectively transmit or block infrared wavelengths. These filters find applications in thermal imaging, sensing, and security systems, where heat signatures or invisible wavelengths need to be captured or eliminated.

In addition, our UV band filters are designed to selectively pass ultraviolet light while blocking undesirable wavelengths. These filters are commonly used in scientific research, photolithography, forensic analysis, and other applications where UV manipulation is crucial.

Our commitment to delivering superior quality filters is reinforced by our state-of-the-art vacuum coat process. This process ensures uniform and precise coating thickness, resulting in optical filters with exceptional durability, minimal deviation, and high resistance to scratching or environmental stress.


In conclusion, our Optical Filters combine plastic or glass substrates, dye, and vaporized optical films to deliver outstanding light control and precise filtering capabilities. Whether you require visible light, IR, or UV band filters, our range of Optical Filters guarantees exceptional performance and reliability. With their superior optical properties and durability, these filters are your perfect choice for various applications, offering unparalleled light manipulation for impressive results. Choose CLZ Optical Co., Ltd. Optical Filters and experience the difference in your optical systems today!