Meniscus Lenses

  • Fused silica lenses for F-Theta Lenses

  • Fused silica lenses for F-Theta Lenses

Fused silica lenses for F-Theta Lenses


◢Introduction of Fused Silica Meniscus Lenses


Fused silica has a low refractive index than the most other optical glass materials, but it is the ideal material for the High-Power fiber lasers demand. In order to achieve minimum focal shift, large and uniform scan field. Most F-Theta Lenses needs meniscus lenses and the shaped like a hemisphere, keep good surface quality, centering and irregular is hard work. CLZ Precision Optics is a well-known manufacturer of the optical dome, rich experience in the manufacture of hemispherical optical components. 

Manufacturing meniscus lenses for use in F-Theta Lenses.

Fused silica meniscus lenses are a type of optical lenses that is designed to enhance the performance of high-power fiber lasers. These lenses are made from a special type of glass known as fused silica, which is an ideal material for this purpose due to its unique properties.Fused silica is a type of glass that is characterized by its high purity and low thermal expansion coefficient. This makes it an excellent material for use in high-power fiber lasers, as it can withstand extreme temperatures and maintain its optical properties without distortion.

The two smaller radii of curvature on these lenses are also important for their performance. This design allows the lens to correct for aberrations caused by the laser beam's curvature, resulting in a more focused and precise beam.These meniscus lenses are ideal for a variety of applications where high precision and accuracy are required. They can be used in laser cutting, material processing, and scientific research, among other applications.One of the key benefits of fused silica meniscus lenses is their ability to operate at high power levels without suffering from damage or degradation. This is because the lenses are made from a material that is highly resistant to thermal shock and can withstand intense laser beams without breaking down.

Overall, fused silica meniscus lenses are an essential tool for anyone working with high-power fiber lasers. They are designed to provide the accuracy and precision required for a wide range of applications, and their unique properties make them a reliable and durable choice for any laser-related project.

CLZ Optical Co., Ltd. can control the centering less than 20 seconds when the lens' diameter is more than 50mm, surface quality is better than 20-10, and irregular can be meet 0.5 fringes or better.