Meniscus Lenses

  • Fused silica lenses for F-Theta Lenses

Fused silica lenses for F-Theta Lenses


CLZ Precision Optics manufacture Fused silica lenses for F-Theta Lenses, such as Meniscus lenses, Double convex lenses, and fused silica protective windows.


Fused silica has a low refractive index than the most other optical glass materials, but it is the ideal material for the High-Power fiber lasers demand. In order to achieve minimum focal shift, large and uniform scan field. Most F-Theta Lenses needs meniscus lenses and the shaped like a hemisphere, keep good surface quality, centering and irregular is hard work. CLZ Precision Optics is a well-known manufacturer of the optical dome, rich experience in the manufacture of hemispherical optical components. Manufacturing meniscus lenses for use in F-Theta Lenses, CLZ Precision Optics can control the centering less than 20 seconds when the lens' diameter is more than 50mm, surface quality is better than 20-10, and irregular can be meet 0.5 fringes or better.


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