Fused Silica Windows

  • UV Fused Silica Window

  • UV Fused Silica Window

  • UV Fused Silica Window

UV Fused Silica Window


Fused silica is an excellent optical material, with low thermal expansion, exhibits more shock resistance, high laser damage threshold and good chemical homogeneity.

There are have UV Fused Silica and IR Fused Silica, UV Fused Silica contains [OH] and IR Fused Silica with minimal [OH] content.

UV Fused Silica Window made from UV Fused Silica have high transmission from 185nm to 2100nm, making them ideal for spectroscopic instruments in the UV to IR.

CLZ Precision optics making UV fused silica windows according to the customer design. We can offer many kinds of fused silica material from Corning, Heraeus, Schott, Ohara and high-quality JGS1 from China. 

Internal Transmittance of high-quality JGS1 from China:

Fused silica.png

We offer fused silica  windows shape include round windows, quadrate windows, trapezoid windows, or other polygonal windows according to customer design. And we can offer them both uncoated or with AR coating.