Silicon Domes

Silicon Domes

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CLZ Optical Co., Ltd. - manufacturer of optical domes, except optical glass domes, we can manufacturing Silicon domes, it can used on protection pyrgeometers.

The Silicon domes have a very range transmissivity in the IR optics.

Silicon is an infrared material with high comprehensive cost performance. In the range of 1.2μm-6μm, it has good transmittance and is suitable for mid-infrared spectroscopy. High-purity silicon is used for 1-14 microns. It can even be used in the far infrared band (greater than 30μm). Silicon has the characteristics of high refractive index and high hardness, low density, low dispersion and low cost. The silicon dome can be used as a protective cover for the infrared thermometer for infrared detection.

Optical silicon domes are available for a wide range of high performance and low cost optical dome applications. These optical components are designed and manufactured to provide reliable and practical solutions for various optical application requirements.

Silicon dome is smooth and transparent, minimizing light reflections and vector values as light passes through the hemispherical window. The coating is designed to provide uniform transmission and uniform scattering during image acquisition and processing. The highly elastic silicone base ensures non-deformable performance and minimizes optical distortion and scatter.

Optical Silicone Domes are manufactured using a unique molding process that produces the lens shape or dome with the highest precision. This molding process creates the lens shape, or dome, with extremely precise dimensions and subtle curvatures that allow the lens to properly capture and focus light. This precision in the manufacturing process means that optical domes are produced with unparalleled optical clarity, which in turn allows for greater levels of control over light levels and areas of focus.

Optical Silicon Domes are suitable for use in displays and projectors. The smooth, flat surface of the dome helps reduce reflections, improving output quality. The curved design of the dome also helps to reduce distortion, removing any unwanted artifacts for a clearer on-screen image.