Fused Silica Domes

Fused Silica Domes

Fused Silica Domes is a good choice in the Solar Instruments. It including ultraviolet fused silica and infrared fused silica.

For the UV silica, it has a good transmittance from 180nm to2650nm, then it is good choice the protected UV Radiometers.

For the IR silica, it has broadband transmission from 200nm to 3600nm, it can keep the pyranometer has a wider spectral range, improved directional response, and reduced thermal offsets.


And Fused Silica mechanical properties it better than N-BK7, Borosilicate. Some of high quality deep-sea housings is made fused silica dome, it have wide-angle and can be protective the deep-sea camera.


Transmittance of fused quartz.jpg