Fused Silica Domes

  • Fused Silica Optical Dome

Fused Silica Optical Dome


Optical dome are lenses with two concentric spherical surfaces. Sometimes they are being referred to as bent plan parallel plates. Consequently it is customary to define parallelism between two surfaces as the maximum thickness variation between the two surfaces.

In perfect domes the convex radius is equal to the sum of the dome thickness and concave radius, , creating a naturally strong shape that gets tougher under pressure. This makes dome windows ideal for underwater environments and in applications such as camera dome ports and submersible windows.

Fused Silica is outstandingly resistant to water, salt solutions.

Mechanical properties is better than many optical glass:

Compressive strength (approx.): 1150N/mm2

Tensile strength (approx.) : 50N/mm2

Bending strength (approx.): 67N/mm2

Torsional strength (approx.): 30N/mm2

Optical properties have broad transparent transmission range covers the complete visible spectrum and extends far into the infrared and ultraviolet regions.

These determine that fused silica optical dome is ideal for use in the deep ocean.

CLZ offer diameterial 15mm to 125mm fused silica optical dome. And we have many different domes in our stock between 15mm to 100mm made from optical glass. These stock can meet most customers applications.