Optical Dome

Optical Dome

Optical Components-Optical Dome


Optical Components-Optical Dome Introduction:


Optical domes are lenses with two concentric spherical surfaces. Sometimes they are referred to as bent plane parallel plates. Consequently it is usual to define parallelism between two surfaces as the maximum thickness variation between the two surfaces. In perfect domes, the convex radius equals the sum of the dome thickness and concave radius. Optical domes are used for underwater photography, as a part of a protective case. Also they are as a part of sun tracking used in solar collectors.

Optical Components-Optical Dome Advantages


-Primary advantages:


CLZ Precision Optics can produce optical domes made of quartz, optical glass, silicon, etc., whose diameter can be up to 124mm. The angle can be 180 degrees and dimensional tolerances are +/-20 microns. The optical domes are manufactured on a highly repeatable 4-axis spherical machining center. They exhibit less than 20 microns wall thickness variations.


-Why should I buy optical components from CLZ Optics?

1. In our inventory list, you can find optical domes with different specifications.

2. According to diverse drawings from different customers, we have already produced kinds of custom domes for various applications.


Optical Components-Optical Dome Applications

-Where optical domes apply to?

1. Optical domes components can be used in high pressure viewports in submersibles.

2. Optical domes components can be applied to high-quality, high-precision pyrgeometers.

3.Optical domes components can be used for underwater ROVs imaging, sensing and exploration.

4. Optical domes components can be utilized in harsh environments to protect other optical components.


Optical Dome component Manufacturing Specifications:


Diameters of optical domes are ranging from 15 mm to 280 mm with precision tolerances.

- Manufacture High-precision optical domes, diameter from 15 mm to 125 mm.

- Manufacture Commercial optical domes, diameter from 125 mm to 280 mm.


optical components Surface quality:

40-20 for high precision optical domes.

80-50 for commercial optical domes.


Optical Components-Optical Dome Concentricity:

< 0.02 mm for diameter of optical domes less than 50 mm.

< 0.05 mm for diameter of optical domes less than 125 mm.

< 0.2 mm for diameter of optical domes large than 125 mm.


Chamfer or Bevel:

For the optical dome with a diameter less than 125 mm, no chipping or cracking will occur after chamfer. Chamfer tolerance of the underwater domes is ± 0.1 mm.


-What are the materials of optical domes

Optical glass, such as N-BK7, N-K5, N-BK10, H-K9L

Fused Silica, diameter less than 125 mm

Silicon, diameter less than 100 mm

Sapphire, diameter less than 30 mm


Delivery time of clz:

1. Domes in stock: 1 week.

(Please check the stock of optical domes on our website www.clzoptics.com)

2. Custom domes: 6 weeks.


History of optical domes from CLZ Precision Optics

-In 2012, CLZ Precision Optics manufactured the first custom dome for a Chinese customer.

-In 2013, CLZ Precision Optics exported the first batch of optical domes to Australia.

-In 2014, CLZ Precision Optics produced high-quality fused silica optical domes for a well-known meteorological manufacturer in China.

-In 2014, CLZ Precision Optics exported optical domes to Europe for the first time.

-In 2015, CLZ Precision Optics produced the first custom, underwater optical domes, and exported this optical domes to the customer in the United States.

-In 2017, CLZ Precision Optics produced optical domes for a well-known Japanese meteorological manufacturer.

-In 2018, CLZ Precision Optics has produced diverse optical domes with more than 30 kinds of specifications. The total number of optical domes we’ve manufactured is more than 15,000.

-In the same year, CLZ Precision Optics manufactured high-quality optical domes with a concentricity less than 0.02 mm.

-In 2020, CLZ Precision Optics developed a silicon dome for Pyrgeometers.


-Which exhibitions of optical components have we attended?

China International Optoelectronic Exposition


SPIE Photonics West

LASER-World of Photonics

Photonix Japan

Meteorological Technology World Expo



CLZ Precision Optics Co., Ltd. sincerely thanks the first Chinese customer who chose us, making us one of the few manufacturers of optical domes. We are also grateful to the first Australian customer who chose our products, making our products exported to foreign markets for the first time.

Although the market for optical domes is small, optical domes are one of the main products of CLZ Optics’business, accounting for 40% of our turnover. Through years of efforts, CLZ Optics has become a competitive manufacturer in the optical domes components market. Here, we have to thank the cooperative partners for their trust and support. We will continue to provide our customers with high-quality optical products in the prospective cooperation.