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Optical Products in Instrument & Engineering

Apr. 14, 2021

The expansion of human senses by instruments is an important prerequisite for the development of science and technology. Optics is used in instrumentation for measurement and imaging. Instruments and meters with optical components as the core are used for meteorological surveys, building surveys, medical diagnosis, laboratory testing, image capture, etc., such as ultraviolet solar radiometers, electron microscopes, Fourier infrared spectrometers, cameras, etc.

Ultraviolet radiation meters measure the intensity of near-ultraviolet radiation on the ground. Quartz domes or optical domes made of other materials are commonly used as protective covers to play the role of waterproof, moisture-proof and lightning protection. The set of optical filters used by the UV radiometers filters stray light to ensure its working band. Fourier infrared spectrometers identify crude oil, gas, smog, etc. In the Fourier infrared spectrometers, the optical lens condenses the light beam. The plane mirror converts the transmission direction of the light beam. The available optical components of the observatory's laser ranging system are total reflection mirror, combined prisms, interference filters and narrowband filters. The optical filter plays a role in spectral filtering.

Commonly used optical materials include fused silica, BK7, sapphire, etc. According to the optical design, CLZ Precision Optics Co., Ltd. provides you with single-layer magnesium fluoride antireflection coating, broadband antireflection coating, dual-band antireflection coating, and metal reflective coating, dielectric reflective coating, etc. We’re looking forward to your consultation!