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Camera & Photography

Apr. 14, 2021

Photography technology records and saves information. According to different ways of use, optical engineers make different optical designs for various parameters of optical lenses, such as optical material, size, coating design, etc.

Photography technology plays a role in monitoring, measuring and conveying information. In public places such as residential buildings, office buildings, museums, etc., cameras are used to protect personal and public property. Road and vehicle monitoring systems use cameras and driving recorders to ensure the safety of drivers and passersby.

Industrial and medical endoscopes use probes to observe pipes or organs that are difficult to obtain information directly. Military infrared cameras observe the enemy's military dynamics, and capture ground information with optical remote sensing technology and satellite optical cameras. Camera theodolites and drones with cameras are used for geological exploration, mineral development, water conservancy transportation, marine resources, etc.

Cameras and video cameras are widely used in individuals, homes and companies. They are usually used to record and store time information, reproduce the atmosphere of the scene, and convey the thoughts and mood of the producer. It is widely used to record souvenirs, cultural dissemination, and exchange of ideas.

CLZ Precision Optics Co., Ltd. provides custom spherical lenses for cameras and camcorder lenses. Our company also provides optical filters to eliminate the influence of stray light on the image and improve the imaging effect. At the same time, optical domes are available to make cameras and video cameras in an underwater environment. Optical domes overcome the pressure and material corrosion, and restore the real underwater environment.