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Laser Optics

Apr. 14, 2021

Laser technology is used in industry, medical treatment, transportation, military, scientific research, etc. Laser technology includes laser processing, laser detection, laser spectrum analysis, laser radar, laser guidance, and laser weapons. Different laser technologies use lasers with different optical designs. Optical components commonly used in laser technology include biconvex lenses, plano-convex lenses, laser protection windows, 1064nm laser-level lenses, 1064nm laser-level narrow-band filters, laser-level mirrors, prisms, etc.

The role of the spherical lenses in the optical system of the laser is divided into three types: focusing, coupling, and collimation. Narrowband filters use the absorption of light by dielectric or metal film, which transmits specific wavelengths from incident light and cut off other wavelengths. During laser processing, the laser protective window prevents splashing debris, dust, oil, etc. from corroding other parts. The commonly used laser protection window is silicon windows. The laser mirror is used as the tail mirror and the reversing mirror in the external optical path system. The base material of the optical reflector is usually fused silica, single crystal silicon (monocrystal silicon), etc.

In order to improve the performance of optical components, according to the needs of optical design, optical components could be coated, such as metal reflective coating, dielectric reflective coating, DLC coating, etc. The optical coating ensures the working waveband of the optical elements and prevents the surface of the optical elements from being corroded.