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Hemisphere For Terahertz Applications, Super Hemisphere Silicon Optical Domes

Apr. 01, 2019

High-resistance silicon is an ideal component for terahertz THz applications and is a very important tool for coupling terahertz (THz) radiation into integrated circuits.

CLZ produces spherical silicon lenses for terahertz (THz), super hemispherical Silicon Optical Domes, hemispherical Silicon Optical Lenses, low hemispherical silicon lenses and meniscus type silicon lenses.

CLZ has a stock of super hemispherical silicon lenses with a diameter of 10.0mm and a diameter of 12.0mm. At the same time, Custom Domes can be customized according to your requirements, from 8.0mm to 100mm.

An optical dome (dome lens) has two surfaces of concentric radius of curvature, which can be understood as a curved parallel window. In an ideal optical dome, the convex radius is equal to the sum of the concave radius and the thickness, and two The parallelism between the surfaces measures the maximum thickness variation (difference) between the two surfaces. CLZ can produce high precision optical dome lenses with a parallelism of 0.02 mm.

Silicon Optical Domes