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CLZ Customized Dome Protection Shell For CCTV Camera

Mar. 29, 2019

CLZ Precision Optics provides a series of Optical Glass Domes for the enclosure protection of CCTV camera systems, in which the protection of electronic sensor systems from adverse liquid and gas environments is essential.

The dome is basically a window with two parallel surfaces. Our dome has high quality and good shape error polishing surface, which ensures high resolution and transmittance of visible and near infrared spectra, thus achieving accurate measurement.CLZ can provide Custom Domes according to customers'needs.

Function: The dome is easy to install, optical transparent and manufactured according to high standards.

Custom Domes

Diameters :15 mm to 110 mm

Thickness change:

( 0.01 mm) (diameter less than 35 mm)

0.02 mm (diameter 35 mm to 60 mm)

0.03 mm (60 mm to 110 mm in diameter)

Surface quality: 20-10, 40-20, 60/40

It can provide high transmission and high toughness for harsh environment.