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Custom Achromatic Lenses

Mar. 28, 2019

A single lens used to form an image will always show some chromatic aberration, becasue it is a phenomenon that occurs in optics due to the difference of dispersion and refractive indices of the glass specific materials used and the properties of the various wavelengths transmitting through glass.


Achromatic doublet lenses used different dispersion glass to remove chromatic aberration and refocus the individual wavelengths of light to a common focal point. It is economical way of achieving quality white light illumination and imaging.


CLZ Precision Optics provide custom achromatic lenses including achromatic doublets lenses and achromatic triplets lenses, with AR coated (covering 400-700nm, 650-1050nm, 1050-2500nm) to meet your specific wavelength requirements, for detail information, please contact us.

Custom Achromatic Lenses