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How Are Optics Used In Manufacturing?

Apr. 08, 2019

As an Optical Domes Supplier, let's talk about the application of optics in manufacturing.

Optical techniques are in use over several areas of manufacturing. They can be broken down into two core areas:

1. Manufacturing production

Among the most extensively used engineering in manufacturing production is laser. Lasers are widely used for welding, drilling and cutting a huge number of elements and products throughout several industry sectors. They're also a critical component in lithography, used in 3D printing and microfabrication All of these are processes we will take a more detailed look at a little further on.

2. Manufacturing management

The tracking and management of processes and of all the products that have been engineered is an essential feature of manufacturing. Optics are used to monitor chemical processes, to test for features and flaws and to verify makeup, measurement, positioning and alignment. Shape to guarantee Compliance with this specification and lasers are utilized to effectively measure distance.

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