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Sapphire Windows in the Military Optoelectronic Equipments

Jan. 06, 2020

As an optical windows manufacturer. CLZ Precision Optics introduces you Sapphire Windows in the Military Optoelectronic Equipments.


Most of the military photoelectric sensor systems have the functions of target search, tracking and alert. In order to achieve miniaturization and invisibility of optoelectronic devices, multiple sensor systems need to share multispectral windows for observation.


The shared multispectral windows must have the following features:

1. High optical transmittance, in order to effectively transmit from ultraviolet to infrared radiation

2. Extremely abrasive resistance so that optical windows can be used in severe environments.

3. Good optical properties. The scatter of light is small. Spatial uniformity of the materials’refractive index is excellent.

4. Good chemical properties.


Sapphire has high optical transmission, chemical resistance, mechanical abrasive resistance and high temperature resistance. Because of the properties of sapphire, sapphire windows can be used in various optical sensors for military purposes.


For Example:

1. Military airborne optoelectronic equipments

Guided missile, electro-optical pod, UAV(unmanned aerial vehicle/drone) etc.

2. Military satellite-borne optoelectronic equipments

Photoelectric reconnaissance and surveillance sensor.

3. Optoelectronic equipments on the naval warships

Photoelectric tracker, Infrared alarm system, Optoelectronic countermeasure equipment.


CLZ Precision Optics Co., Ltd can offer you sapphire windows that match your applications. Welcome your inquires!