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Do you know about Sapphire Windows?

Jan. 08, 2020

Sapphire crystal generally refers to artificial sapphire, which is very different from the jewels that people usually understand-natural sapphire. It is generally used in the manufacture of watch mirrors.

Sapphire Windows is a wear-resistant material with tungsten-titanium alloys and high-tech ceramics. Although these materials are resistant to abrasion, they cannot withstand strong impacts. At the same time, some materials with the same or higher hardness (such as abrasive stones, sandpaper, nail polish, granite surfaces, concrete walls and floors, etc.) may Scratch the surface of these materials.

Sapphire Windows

Sapphire Windows

Sapphire is the general name for corundum gemstones other than red rubies among corundum gemstones. The main component is Al2O3. Sapphire glass refers to synthetic sapphire. Gem-grade sapphire can be easily and cheaply produced in the laboratory. Its chemical composition and physical properties are the same as a natural sapphire.

Sapphire Domes, similar to corundum, has a hardness of 9 and can add various chemical elements to generate various colors. The commonly used is colorless. Its advantages are higher hardness than ordinary glass, and the price is relatively high. It is mainly used to make high-end watch mirrors.

Sapphire glass has very good thermal properties, excellent electrical and dielectric properties, and is resistant to chemical corrosion. It has a high temperature resistance, good thermal conductivity, high hardness, infrared transmission, and good chemical stability. Therefore, it is often used to replace other optical materials to make optical components and infrared-transparent optical windows, and is widely used in infrared and far-infrared military equipment, such as night vision infrared and far-infrared sights, night vision cameras and other instruments. And satellites, space technology instruments and windows used as high-power lasers, various optical prisms, optical windows, UV and IR windows and lenses, observation ports for low-temperature experiments, and high-precision instruments for marine and aerospace applications Fully applied.

Nowadays, with the continuous development of production technology of Sapphire Optical Components China manufacturers, glass has also various new types, with more and stronger functions, gradually replacing the ordinary glass. For example, ordinary glass windows that can only transmit light and wind, have the function of noise reduction and heat insulation after using laminated glass, which is more convenient and practical. We will briefly introduce the difference between sapphire glass and glass below to let everyone know its characteristics.

How to distinguish between sapphire and glass

The discrimination is as follows:

1. Take a breath on the surface, and the mist is quickly spreading out of sapphire crystal glass. Generally, it is spread out the moment you remove your mouth from the top of the table mirror, and you can no longer see the mist when you look at the surface.

2. Tapping method: Tap the surface lightly with your nails, remember that it must be light, and false ones may break. If the sound is dull, it is the surface of sapphire crystal. If it is ordinary crystal or Glass, the sound is more crisp.