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Why is fused silica the crucial material in optical applications?

Jan. 10, 2020

Quartz glass, especially fused silica, is widely used in optical applications because of its unique properties . CLZ Precision Optics Co., Ltd can provide you with optical lenses, optical windows, optical domes, optical prisms, optical mirrors and other optical components, which are made of quartz glass.


Properties of fused silica


High transmission from the ultraviolet to the infrared spectral range

According to the spectral region, quartz glass is divided into JGS1, JGS2, JGS3 (related to the Hydroxyl Group in the material). JGS1 is Fused Silica with UV-Quality. It has high transmittance in the 180-2500nm wave band (about 93.5%). JGS2 with a transmission rate of more than 93.5% is transparent in the 220-2500 nm band. JGS3 is Fused Silica with IR-Quality. It has high transmittance in the 260-3500nm wave band.

Why is fused silica the crucial material in optical applications?cid=6


High thermal resistance and softening temperature

The thermal expansivity of fused silica is extremely low. It means fused silica withstands severe temperature changes. Even if quartz glass is heated to about 1100℃, it will not crack when placed in normal temperature water.

The softening point of fused silica is about 1730℃. It can be used for a long time at 1100 ℃, and within a short time can be used up to 1450 ℃.


High corrosion resistance

Except hydrofluoric acid quartz glass doesn’t react with other acids. Its acid resistance is 30 times more than that of ceramics.


High degree of chemical purity and excellent hardness


Due to these outstanding optical, mechanical and thermal properties, fused silica is widely used across all the spectrum.

For Example:

UV Applications: Laser Fusion, Microlithography, Spectroscopy, Signal Coupling.

IR Applications: Upmarket Infrared Cameras, High-precision Photoelectric Devices.

VIS Applications: Spectrophotometer.


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