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Spherical Lens Manufacturing

Dec. 29, 2019

CLZ Optics Manufacturing Spherical Lens as singlets, doublets, and triplets from a wide range of Schott, Ohara, and CDGM glasses. The Lenses are used in many different applications to collect, focus and diverge light.

CLZ Optics has specialized in manufacture Spherical Lens with high surface quality and accuracy, our team have extensive experience and understands what is customer needs. They had worked for many years in the famous optical components factory in Singapore. We also understand the importance of reducing cost and fast delivery in manufacture lenses, then our team used our skills to build a factory in China. Mr. Royan Luo is our sales manager and he was a manufacturing engineer in Singapore company and based on his experience, our cost will be cheaper than the famous company's tooling cost sometimes and delivery time only needs about 4-6 weeks when Custom Spherical Lens manufacturing with small-batch for the prototype.

 Spherical Lens Manufacturing

If you are interested in custom spherical lenses and spherical lens manufacturing, send an email to