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Step Optical Windows


As a optical component manufacturer, we provide Step optical windows and can custom make them to additional shapes with AR coatings.


What is Step windows?


Step windows are either windows or plates ground with a step into the edge or length of the glass. Most of the time, it is produced and processed according to the customers design.



What are the uses of step windows?


Step windows are excellent for use in view ports, pressure, and vacuum situations, it can be produced to create step ground or angled cones to good for assembly and handing.


What material is used for Step windows?


Step windows is a protect element in an optical system in the most time, it need to consider the optical performance, chemical properties, physical properties, thermal performance and cost. Common materials suitable for step windows including N-BK7 (H-K9L), Fused Quartz, Borosilicate and Sapphire.


What parameters do we need to consider of Step windows when designing?

Materials - Choose the most suitable material, as mentioned in the previous paragraph.

Shape - Common shapes include round, square, rectangular. But Round step windows are typically the most economical.

Chamfer - In addition to considering remove chips and protection chamfer, it also need to consider of inner groove chamfer.

Thickness - Determining the Minimum thickness needed for your pressure of step window, Optical windows plenty to gain by losing a lot of thickness.


What kinds of optical coatings we can provide for step windows?


Same as optical windows, the commonly used coatings are antireflection coating (AR). We supply a range of Multiple anti-reflection coating options are available for the Ultraviolet (UV), visible, or Infrared (IR).