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Coating Witness Samples


What is coating witness samples?


Coating Witness Samples is measurement of coating stresses on substrates. Often the material is the same as the finished product' substrate material and is almost always made to 25mm or 1(25.40mm dia) in thickness of 1mm to 3mm with both sides polished or one side polished.


What is the purpose of the witness samples?


Coating Witness samples can be used for testing transmission to measure reflectivity, temperature, durability, polarization and salt fog tests. It is essential to maintaining the accuracy, repeatability and traceability of the coating process.


What witness samples can we provide of materials?


CDGM Optical Glass full range of refractive index's (Equivalent Schott & Ohara optical glass), Silicon, Germanium, Sapphire, B270, Float glass, Fused Silica, Borosilicate.