Achromatic Lenses

  • Custom MgF2 Coated Achromatic Lenses

Custom MgF2 Coated Achromatic Lenses


◢What is Achromatic doublet lenses

Achromatic doublet lenses consist of two optical components cemented together to form achromatic doublet lenses.

CLZ Optical Co., Ltd. provide custom achromatic doublets are available with a single layer MgF2 coating for the visible spectrum.

Our MgF2 coating can be less than 1.75% reflectance @ 400-700nm, AOI=0°. And we can produce high-precision optical components that make up achromatic lenses according to customer requirements before cemented.

An achromatic lens is a lens consisting of two optical components, a positive low refractive index (coronet) and a negative high refractive index (flint), glued together. Compared to monolithic lenses that contain only a single piece of glass, the doublet design of a two-piece lens provides the user with additional design freedom and further optimizes the lens performance. As a result, achromatic lenses offer significant advantages over monolithic lenses of equal diameter and focal length. An achromatic lens is available in various configurations, the most common of which are positive achromatic lenses, negative achromatic lenses, triple achromatic lenses and aspheric achromatic lenses. It is important to note that achromatic lenses can be either doublet (two elements) or triplet (three elements), and the number of elements is independent of the amount of light corrected by the lens. In other words, an achromatic lens in either a doublet or triplet configuration can correct for both red and blue light in the visible range.

◢Achromatic doublet lenses Manufacturing Capabilities:

Diameter (mm): 6mm to 150mm, Tolerances: +0/0.02mm

Center thickness (mm) Tolerances: ±0.025mm

Surface Power (fringes) : 3

Surface Irregularity (fringes, P-V @ 633 nm): 0.2 fringes

Surface quality (scratch - dig): 20-10

Centration (edge thickness variation, mm): 0.002mm

Custom MgF2 Coated Achromatic Lenses