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Custom Triplet Lenses


The Triplet Lenses are made of a low index crown element cemented in between two identical meniscus flint elements. Specially designed for 1:1 conjugate ratios.

But sometimes customers' Triplet Lenses have different designs.

CLZ optics supply custom triplet lenses made from your custom design and specification. We control the strict centering before cemented to ensure good performance after cemented, the lenses centration is tested on our Centration Measurement and irrgularity is tested on our ZYGO to ensure the lenses meet your designs.

Custom Triplet Lenses

CLZ optics can provide a variety of multi-layer anti-reflection coating to improve the performance of the triplet lenses, the coatings cover the visual and NIR range.

Contact our sales team when you need triplet lenses.

Custom Triplet LensesCustom Triplet Lenses