Products Application

Optical components to the Environmental Science and Meteorology

Feb. 21, 2021

CLZ Precision optics has been supplying optical components to the Environmental Science and Meteorology market for over 10 years. Our optical domes and optical filter are such as a vital cog in the wheel for Environmental Monitoring And Meteorology.


Popular optical products for the Environmental Monitoring And Meteorology include:


Optical glass dome 

Fused silica Optical dome

Silicon windows with solar-blind coating

Optical Filter

Sapphire windows

Concave Mirrors

Flat Optical Mirrors

Optical Lenses


CLZ Precision optics is one of the best optical dome manufacturer, we supply from single specialist requirements to OEM quantities. We are able to routinely achieve the most demanding optical tolerances for optical dome and other optical componments, benefiting from its uniquely stable manufacturing environment and highly experienced workforce.