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  • Optical Domes Used On Pyranometer

Optical Domes Used On Pyranometer


CLZ Precision Optics is optical components manufacturer.
In addition to manufacture the imaging system lens, we specialize in manufacturing optical domes.

In the field of solar radiation, the optical dome is protection of other electronic components and ability to rely on withstand wind and rain erosion.
According to the characteristics of the use of the environment, the material of optical dome need have a wide band transmittance, then the N-BK7, N-BK10, UV Fused quartz, IR Fused quartz and sapphire is the good choice.
The N-BK7 is a cheap choice and can meet most of the requirements, the Spectral range (50% points) is from 285nm to 2800nm.
For the UV Fused quartz, the Spectral range (50% points) is from 190nm to 2750nm, Generally used for UV radiometers.
For the IR Fused quartz, the Spectral range (50% points) is from 200nm to 3600nm, it is the best material for total performance at this time. Of course, its price is more expensive than others.
For the sapphire dome, it may be a future products. It have the best spectral range, it can used from 190nm to 5500nm. But, it is too expensive at this time.

According to the accuracy of Solar Instruments, such as pyranometers, high quality optical dome is important components. The concentricity, thickness irregularity and surface quality of the dome is key parameters for the high quality dome.

CLZ Precision Optics have extensive experience in manufacturing dome lenses. Whether it is high-precision or cost-effective dome.
For the cost-effective dome, such as N-BK7 dome. Most customer only need the concentricity and thickness irregularity <0.2mm, we quote based on 0.2mm, but our production control in accordance less than 0.05mm. We hope our dome has a better performance.
For the high-precision optical dome, we can control the diameter 40-50mm optical dome's concentricity and thickness irregularity <0.02mm. For the diameter 24-30mm optical dome, we can control the concentricity and thickness irregularity <0.01mm. It has excellent performance on the pyranometers. Most high-quality dome material is fused silica at this time.
CLZ Precision Optics improve production process in 2017 year. Except production N-BK7 dome, fused silica dome, we can production the high-precision sapphire dome.
Although the sapphire dome is expensive, but it has good performance and have good prospects.