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The working principle and applications of pyrometers

May. 29, 2020

In the process of industrial production, the Temperature directly affects the quality and performance of products. So measuring and controlling temperature is an indispensable step. The traditional contact thermodetector needs some time to perform sufficient heat that exchanges with the measured object. This process may delay the process of temperature measurement and affect the quality of production. In contrast, infrared pyrometers have high sensitivity, rapid response, non-contact continuous temperature measurement, convenient use and wide temperature range. Therefore, infrared thermometers have been used in various industrial productions that require thermal parameters.

The principle of optical system in the infrared pyrometers

The basic structure of infrared thermometers is optical system, photodetector, signal amplifier and signal processing, display output and other parts. The optical elements in the optical system may be optical lenses (achromatic lenses, silicon lenses and optical filters). The optical system converges the infrared radiation emitted by the measured object of the field of view. During the measurement, the infrared energy is focused on the photoelectric detector and converted into a corresponding electrical signal. The size of the field of view is determined by the optical parts of the thermometer and their positions. Due to the structure of the optical system, only the surface temperature of the object can be measured during the measurement, and the temperature cannot be measured through the glass, nor can the temperature of the shiny or polished metal edge be measured.

Applications of infrared pyrometers

Food inspection field (frozen food), construction field (inspecting buildings with heat leakage), metallurgical industry (such as steel temperature measurement), power industry (power plants, hydropower stations, nuclear power plants, etc.), petrochemical industry (refinery plants, petrochemical plants, etc.), general industry (pharmaceutical factory, automobile factory, air conditioning factory, etc.), transportation maintenance (aircraft maintenance, marine maintenance, etc.), temperature components manufacturing industry (thermocouple, temperature sensor, etc.).

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The working principle and applications of pyrometers