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Optical components in aerial photography with the drone

May. 25, 2020

Drones have been widely used in military, civilian and commercial applications. By carrying a variety of sensors (including multi-spectral, lidar, photogrammetric, thermal energy and other sensing devices) and cameras, the drone can be used for weather, agriculture, geography and other aspects to get information. As a manufacturer of optical components, we will talk to you about the optical components used in the aerial photography of drones. At the same time, CLZ Precision Optical Instrument Co., Ltd. provides you with optical components that can be used in drones, such as optical lenses, optical windows, optical prisms, optical reflectors, optical domes and other optical components.

In order to meet the observation requirements of small drones for large-field optical imaging, a design of a micro-miniature camera with bionic compound-eye for large-field has emerged. The sub-lens of this camera adopts the combination of cemented double lens to reduce system aberrations. Adjacent sub-lenses can allow up to 7 adjacent sub-lenses to image, locate and measure the velocity of ground objects under the premise of a certain overlap rate. In order to meet the needs of ground object imaging spectral analysis, a visible, near infrared imaging spectrometer with prism-grating-prism for coaxial installation, small size and light weight is designed. The front objective lens with a larger field of view is designed through angular magnification selection, optical power distribution, and relative aperture calculation. The combination of gratings and prisms forms the initial structure of the spectral systems.

Optical filters are often used in the lens of the camera to refract the light that affects the imaging of the lens to other places, improve the transmittance and enhance the clarity. In small area array aerial camera systems, subassemblies with scanning mirror are often used to compensate for image shifts caused by the movement of the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle(UAV) and ensure imaging quality.

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