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Sun, Wind and Optical Technology

Jul. 31, 2019

For wind and solar energy, advances in optical technology are another important growth driver that cannot be ignored. Responsible for reducing costs and thus making renewable energy more accessible, optical technology also plays a vital role in increasing output efficiency, extending equipment life, and making maintenance easier and safer.

For example, optical ranging and detection systems are highly complex remote optical sensors that change the face of the wind in a number of ways.

Spherical Lenses

Since the introduction of concentration photovoltaic (CPV), solar energy conversion efficiency has also been improved. Unlike conventional photovoltaic systems, this technology uses specialized optics called Fresnel lenses to focus sunlight at greatly increased concentration ratios.

Advanced optical technology reduces the size of the active surface of a solar cell, which means that only a small amount of silicon material is needed, reducing production and operating costs.

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