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Custom optical lenses manufacturer provide custom Achromatic Lenses used in Imaging Lenses

Jul. 24, 2019

Imaging lenses refer to imaging components used in imaging systems to focus an examined object onto a sensor.

Depending on the different lenses designed, Imaging Lenses has an adjustable field of views, focal lengths or magnifications, and it can be used to remove parallax or perspective.

Achromatic Lenses

CLZ Precision Optics specializes in manufacturing optical components from customer-supplied designs, we can provide custom Achromatic Lenses used in Imaging Lenses. We can provide Featuring surface accuracy to less than 0.2 fringes measured at 633nm and finishes to 20-10 scratch-dig per MIL-PRF 13830, the material is fabricated from quartz, optical glass, silicon, etc. and the sizes up to 200mm diameter.

And we offer different coating with Achromatic Lenses, such as:

MgF2 Coated Achromatic Lenses

VIS Coated Achromatic Lenses

VIS-NIR Coated Achromatic Lenses

Near-IR (NIR) Achromatic Lenses

Broadband AR Coated Negative Achromatic Lenses