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How does Sapphire Domes Differ from Ordinary Glass?

Feb. 12, 2020

As a Sapphire Optical Components China, share with you.

(1) Laboratory method:

The detection of Sapphire Domes is very similar to the identification of jewelry, and the same equipment is used. The more commonly used instrument for jewelry identification is the refractometer, which can determine the refractive index of the object being tested. Although sapphire glass is artificial, But its refractive index is the same as natural, both 1.76 ~ 1.77, because sapphire glass is crystalline, so it has a heavy refractive index like crystal, which is 0.008. During the inspection, rotate and observe the polarizer on the eyepiece. It can be seen very clearly. The flat glass is better to observe, the spherical surface is not very good, and the refractive oil needs to be applied when testing. The refractive index of mineral glass is about 1.52, it is easy to distinguish it from sapphire, and it There is also no refraction.

Sapphire Windows

Sapphire Windows

Another method is to use a polarizer. Any crystal can be checked with a polarizer, such as crystal. Sapphire is also a crystal. When the polarizer is rotated, the light and dark light alternately change, and each cycle is 90 degrees. However, a polarizer is used. When inspecting the watch glass, you need to take out the entire movement to expose the watch glass. However, some non-sapphire watch glasses may also have a polarizing effect, because it is also made of crystals, such as those marked with the word Crystal. (More Japanese watches)

(2) Drip method:

According to legend, the method of measuring sapphire glass by dripping water is to drop a small drop of water on the surface of the measured glass.If the water droplets are obviously beaded, then it is sapphire glass; if the water droplets spread out, it is not sapphire glass. For liquid things, a small drop on a smooth medium surface will have different liquid surface heights.This specific situation has a relationship with the nature of the medium and the temperature. It is called liquid tension, and it is also used to calculate the angle, including watches. The surface oil used also has this technical indicator. It is the reason why the density and specific gravity of sapphire are relatively large, and the surface is smoother and more delicate.

(3) Look at the product's logo and the hardness of the glass:

If it is a regular brand watch, sapphire glass is usually printed on the back cover of the watch. In English SAPPHIRE or Sapphire Crystal, it is now common to use sapphire glass even for fake watches or fake watches. Testing the hardness of watch glass You can use a sharp, needle-like metal object to scratch the improper eye of the edge of the watch glass.It feels very hard, there is a feeling of metal objects floating, and the glass has not been scratched.It should be sapphire glass.

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