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Reflectors, Refractors & Threaded Lenses

Oct. 20, 2023

To control light (filtering, converting, redistributing) according to human will, a light control element is necessary. Lamps and lanterns in the commonly used optical devices are reflectors, refractors, diffusers, filters, shielding, which reflector profile shape type (ellipsoid, parabolic shape and other smooth surfaces or small flat surfaces), the bulb relative to the position of the reflector as well as the size of the bulb shape and type of beam shape and light distribution and determines the scope of application of the lamps and lanterns.

Reflectors, Refractors

Beam angle is used to indicate the width of the light beam emitted by the lamp, defined as the beam axis plane of light intensity down to 50% of the peak when the angle between the two rays, as shown in the figure.

Lamp reflector design

1. Basic reflectors

-Directional reflection, This type obeys all the laws of reflection and has a precise optical distribution. Mirrored aluminum is the most commonly used material in luminaires.

-Diffuse reflection, This type is a mirror image without a light source, with moderate visual control and a soft outgoing beam. Ordinary specular reflections that have been whacked, etched, and painted are usually diffuse reflections.

A refractor is a device in a light-control element that is characterized by changing the direction of propagation of light through materials with different optical densities at each boundary. The material of the refractor is usually glass or plastic. The function of changing the direction of light is accomplished in various prisms. Examples of refractors in specific applications are:
-prismatic lenses mounted on the surface of fluorescent light fixtures
-Prisms deployed in recessed light fixtures
-Glass refractor lenses for luminaires in outdoor areas

2. Common Types

As shown in the figure, convex lens is a kind of lens that is thick in the middle and thin at the edges, and can be divided into biconvex lens, plano-convex lens, curved moon lens, etc. Convex lenses act as a convergence of light rays.

Reflectors, Refractors

3. Threaded Lens

Threaded lens, also known as Fresnel lens, it is made of polyolefin material injection pressure and into the sheet, there are also used in the production of glass, the surface of the lens on one side of the surface of the surface for the light, the other side of the recorded from small to large concentric circles, its texture is the use of light interference and scrambling and according to the relative sensitivity and the angle of reception requirements to the design of the lens, the lens of the requirements of the lens is very high, a high-quality lens must have a bright surface, the texture of the lens is clear, the thickness of its variable with the use of the lens.


-Projection display: Fresnel projection TV, rear projection screen, overhead projector, collimator.
-Concentration of light and energy: Fresnel lens for solar energy, Fresnel spotlight for photography, Fresnel magnifier.
-Aeronautical and marine: Fresnel lens for lighthouse, Fresnel flight simulation.
-Scientific and technological research: laser inspection system, etc.
-Infrared detection: passive motion detectors
-Lighting optics: automobile headlights, traffic signs, optical landing systems
-Smart home: security system detectors

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Reflectors, Refractors