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Properties of optical components made of calcium fluoride

Jan. 18, 2020

Calcium fluoride is commonly used for optical components in the spectral range from ultraviolet to infrared. CLZ Precision Optics Co., Ltd can offer you optical lenses, optical windows, optical domes, optical prisms, optical mirrors and other optical components made of calcium fluoride.


The transmission of calcium fluoride covers the wavelength range from 130 nm in vacuum UV to 9 μm in the far infrared. Calcium fluoride is also used in high-powered laser optics due to its good transmission (approx. 94%). In general, the polished surface of calcium fluoride is very stable and can be used for many years. In addition, the lower refractive index of calcium fluoride enables it to be used directly without an antireflective coating.


Calcium fluoride has a high mechanical stability. Calcium fluoride is ideal for applications that require low damage thresholds, low fluorescence and high uniformity. It is commonly used in excimer lasers, spectrometers and cooled thermal imaging cameras.



Excimer lasers, infrared gas detectors, laser systems, astronomical telescopes, MIR / NIR image processing etc.

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