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Optical Design of Visibility Meter

Apr. 09, 2021

Visibility meter is an important tool for measuring the degree of haze in the atmosphere. Visibility depends on the interaction between infrared radiation and particles in the atmosphere. The visibility meter is based on the principles of light intensity attenuation and scattering. It determines the visibility of the day by measuring the extinction coefficient of the atmosphere.

The optical components used in the visibility meter include bandpass filters and convex lenses. After the light passes through the optical lens and the optical filter, the relationship between the optical signal and the total radiation is calculated by the detector, and the visibility value is obtained. The commen optical lens is a quartz lens coated with an anti-reflection coating. The quartz lens narrows the divergence angle of the incident beam and increases the energy volume density of the beam. An anti-reflection film reduces the energy loss of transmitted light, thereby increasing the transmittance of the working spectral band. The optical filter allows only a narrow band of light to reach the detector. It filters out stray light that is not in the working range.

Visibility meters are often used for atmospheric visibility detection in meteorological stations, airports, transportation and other fields. The design of its optical path has a filtering and extinction structure to avoid interference from car lights, sunlight and other stray lights. In order to prevent mold and dust from affecting the working effect of optical windows and optical lenses, optical windows and optical lenses need to be coated.

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