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Do you Know These Knowledge Points of Optical Glass?

Apr. 20, 2021

As an Optical Domes Supplier, let me share with you. Optical glass is the foundation and important part of the optoelectronic technology industry, and its components are key components in optical instruments. Optical glass in a narrow sense refers to colorless optical glass. Optical glass lens molding technology is a high-precision optical component processing technology. It puts the softened glass into a high-precision mold, and under the condition of heating, pressure and oxygen-free, it can be directly molded at one time to achieve use. Required optical parts. This technology has now become one of the internationally advanced manufacturing methods for optical parts.

Glass Optical Domes

Glass Optical Domes

The optical glass molding method for manufacturing optical parts has the following advantages:

1. Without the need for traditional rough grinding, fine grinding, polishing, edging centering and other processes, the parts can achieve higher dimensional accuracy, surface accuracy and surface roughness;

2. Optical parts and installation reference parts can be made into a whole; 3. Small aspheric lens array can be molded;

4. Mass production of precision aspheric optical parts can be realized easily and economically;

5. As long as the process parameters such as temperature and pressure in the compression molding process are accurately controlled, the dimensional accuracy and repeatability of the molded optical parts can be guaranteed.

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