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Optical componments manufacturer CLZ optics of 2020 development summary

Dec. 17, 2020

It has been a very difficult and unusual year and CLZ optics would like to take this opportunity to thank you all customer for help and cooperation and trust.


Although this is a difficult year, but it did not stop the development of our company.


As Optical componments manufacturer CLZ optics has a CNY 1M investment in equipment targeted to increase capacity and improve upon capabilities for producing spherical lenses, optical dome, optical windows and optical mirrors in 2020.


These investment includes:

2 new GJP30.4A/35.4A Four-axle High-speed Precision Grinding and Polisher

1 new SPCM-M1 SIDAI Centering Machine

1 new Digital Lenses Centration measurement and Focal length tester

2 new Interferometer Transmission Spheres


Our new High-speed Precision Grinding and Polisher, It improves and improves our processing accuracy and efficiency in large optics.

New machine is very stable, it is good for spherical lenses, optical mirrors with diameter of more than 120mm.

For the smaller optical componts, it also has a good performance at blocking polishing, precise flatness finish for flat componts and precise irregularity of spherical lenses.


Our new SIDAI Centering Machine, it has good centering accuracy on spherical lenses with diameter 5-100mm.


Our new Centration tester can measuring reflection centration testing and transmission centration testing for spherical single lenses and cemented lenses, centration test for cylinder lenses and EFL for spherical lenses.


Our new Transmission Spheres is F5.0 and F10.7, it allows our ZYGO interferometer to measure more large radius.


These machine and equipment improves our prdocution and measurement capabilities, it allows CLZ optics to better service to customers.