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We Wish You All A Happy Dragon Boat Festival!

Jun. 06, 2019

The Dragon Boat Festival, also known as the Duanyang Festival, the Heavy Lunch Festival, the Dragon Boat Festival, the Dragon Day Festival, the Zhengyang Festival, the Bath Lan Festival, the Tianzhong Festival, etc., are Chinese traditional folk festivals. The Dragon Boat Festival originated from the celestial worship, which evolved from the ancient totem of the ancient totem. The Dragon Boat Festival is a folk festival popular in China. The Dragon Boat Festival is the traditional habit of the Chinese nation since ancient times. Due to the vast territory and many stories and legends, not only have many different festival names, but also localities. Different customs.

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The Dragon Boat Festival is coming. As one of the Optical Lenses manufacturers, CLZ Precision Optics wishes everyone a happy Dragon Boat Festival, safe and healthy! Technology is developing, time is flying, but the custom of eating dumplings during the Dragon Boat Festival will not change. It will continue to spread on the land of China forever and become more and more prosperous.