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Custom Fused Silica Optical Window

Jun. 01, 2019

As a Fused Silica Windows Manufacturer, we offer a range of custom Fused Silica Optical Windows. For example, our UV fused silica and infrared fused silica windows are suitable for UV to near infrared.

The fused silica material used in Fused Silica Optical Windows are stronger than glass and can be used up to 1050 °C. And the average transmittance at 260 nm to 2500 nm is as high as 80% or more. Our Fused Silica Optical Windows series is suitable for most UV applications outside of fluorescent applications because fused silica materials fluoresce. Our custom fused silica window is also useless in wavelength applications below 250 nm, where the transfer rate is reduced to 72%. For deep UV rays from 175 to 185 nm, custom UV fused silica is a better choice.

Fused Silica Optical Windows

Because of these unique properties, Fused Silica Optical Windows are used in many industries and is an excellent choice for laser applications, spectroscopy, lithography, vacuum windows, and many other applications. Applications include aerospace, medical and scientific instruments, astronomy, military and commercial avionics, and industry.