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Features and Applications of Fiber Lasers

Sep. 15, 2023

Accompanied by the continuous deepening of scientific and technological research, the development of fiber lasers has made greater breakthroughs, and has become a key research project for scientific research experiments in recent years. In this paper, we will describe the characteristics and application trends of fiber lasers.

Fiber lasers have promoted the extremely rapid development of various fields in modern society, and their applications are wide-ranging. Currently, fiber lasers have been applied in a number of industries such as the military field, the industrial field, and the medical field, and the development of the industry has been achieved. Fiber laser development and application, to promote the society of a variety of industries have produced a huge role.

Fiber lasers were formerly known as semiconductor lasers and are 40 years old today. In recent years, more and more research on fiber lasers has been conducted at home and abroad, and the main research aspects involve high power fiber lasers, narrow linewidth adjustable fiber lasers, and ultrashort pulse fiber lasers, which have successfully promoted the development of various aspects of society.

Features and Applications of Fiber Lasers

Fiber lasers have been updated and have had a great breakthrough. After entering the 21st century, the third generation of laser technology development is more mature, as a representative of the light laser has unique characteristics.

First of all, the light laser has been able to break away from the shackles of the pump wavelength, no longer subject to this wavelength limitation, the light laser utilizes the application of rare-earth doped ions to effectively adjust the doping structure and concentration within the optical fiber, and can be scientifically designed to pump the pumping method and pumping wavelength intensity, which greatly improves the performance of the laser.
Secondly, the fiber laser to achieve ultra-high power laser output, the third generation of laser technology in the research makes the role of the laser more complete. Fiber laser in the fiber has good flexibility, reduce the laser volume, the modern society research and development of the laser has the volume of lightweight, the advantages of system integration, and fiber laser strength is better than ever, can be a long time in the field in harsh environments. In addition, the fiber laser surface area increases, conducive to the laser's heat dissipation, in the manufacturing process do not have to deliberately equipped with a special water cooling system, gradual change in the internal structure of the laser.
Finally, the fiber laser's optical fiber is more coupled with the communication fiber, and the efficiency is also very high, which makes the fiber laser become the basis for realizing all-optical communication.

Fiber Laser Applications

Laser cutting applications

Fiber lasers are used as cutting equipment to facilitate a number of fields, especially the medical device industry, the automobile manufacturing industry, the shipbuilding industry, etc. The materials to be handled in these industries are so hard and numerous that it is no longer possible to meet the needs of the modern industry using traditional cutting equipment. And with the research and development of fiber laser, the laser power range is constantly expanding, so that its cutting role is more fully played. Fiber laser can use the fast chopping method to achieve continuous cutting, this way makes the fiber laser can be used to cut stainless steel arterial tube. Fiber lasers have a high beam quality, so they can strengthen the focusing diameter, using this feature fiber lasers can play a great role in the medical device industry.

communications application

The research and development of fiber lasers has contributed to the rapid development of the communication field, and the biggest role it plays in the communication field is to promote the development of all-optical communication networks. The all-optical communication network is perfected by applying the bait-doped fiber laser, which has 1.30m and 1.55m band lasers, and these two bands of lasers are applied to the low-loss window of the all-optical communication network to improve the communication quality.
And another laser double-clad ytterbium-doped fiber laser optimized amplifier equipment, which effectively dealt with the Raman fiber amplifier in the presence of the pump source problem. Solve the pump source problem of Raman fiber amplifier for the field of communication to make outstanding contributions, mainly in this amplifier can be in any wavelength band in the communication window to complete the work, and promote the communication of optical signals to achieve the long-distance, ultra-long-distance work objectives.

In addition, high-power fiber laser is also the key to promote the development of advanced communication technology, which mainly promotes the development of space communication and optical soliton communication technology. High-power fiber laser is able to continuously output laser light and produce picoseconds, and even this kind of fiber laser is also able to produce ultrashort pulses, which makes high-quality and large-capacity information rapid transmission no longer become a dream, and promotes the development of faster and safer information transmission, and guarantees the normal operation of the all-optical communication system.

Marking application

The type of fiber laser used for marking applications is the pulsed fiber laser, which has excellent beam quality, works for long and continuous periods of time, and is reliable enough to play a role in marking work. These lasers have a high electro-optical conversion efficiency and are favored for high-speed, high-precision laser marking because of their small size and low operating costs.

Material handling applications

Many materials in the field of modern science and technology have to undergo special treatment, fiber laser plays an important role in the processing of materials, which is mainly the use of materials to absorb the laser energy can be quickly through the part of the heat treatment to achieve the use of standards, the current ability to use fiber laser processing materials involved in a variety of, for example, ceramics, plastics, metals and so on.

Fiber laser belongs to the research content of high-tech industry, which has high technical content, involves complex knowledge, and promotes the realization of intelligent and technological society. The current domestic and foreign research on fiber lasers is very keen, the future we will see fiber lasers in more fields.

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