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Autonomous Navigation Underwater Survey Robot

Sep. 16, 2023

As the population grows and arable land decreases, the oceans account for an increasing proportion of the population, and 80% of living resources are in the oceans, so the exploration of the oceans is worthy of our research. The ability of a country's scientific and technological level is raised to the exploitation of the oceans. As we all know, the environment under the ocean is so complex and harsh that human beings can't get close to it and explore its wonders comprehensively and deeply, which requires some special tools or special technology to explore the vast ocean instead of human beings, and to transmit useful information and pictures so as to improve the scientific research level of human beings.

Overall system design

The underwater robot motion control process is as follows:
Cameras and other sensors capture images underwater, which are received by the main control board underwater; then the main controller processes the collected data, and the processed information outputs a command signal from the port, which is transmitted to the control board and transmitted to the upper computer in real time via fiber optics; the control signals and data information sent from the upper computer are transmitted to the main control board underwater via fiber optic transceivers and RS485 buses; the underwater The control signals and data information from the host computer are transmitted to the underwater main control board through fiber optic transceiver and RS485 bus; the underwater controller receives the signals from the band and converts them into specific PWM pulse width modulation; the H-bridge driver board receives the PWM pulse width modulation signals, and then it controls the propellers to complete the underwater action.

System Hardware Design

(1)Acquisition Processing System

Since the system needs to control the thrusters and capture video data, it requires high processor performance. In addition, the processor has to have high data exchange speed, better network support, and strong image processing capability. At the same time, the processor is required to be able to reserve interfaces for the subsequent development of carrying various types of sensors, such as SPI, IIC, RS23 interfaces and so on. Separate the motion control processor and image processor. Need to realize the robot image acquisition system based on the communication system.

(2)Thruster design

The kinetic energy section is designed to be upper kinetic in order to give the robot sufficient power in all situations in the water. The propulsion uses an independently designed coaxial tandem active backwater system.

(3)System software component

Underwater survey robotics application. There are two acquisition programs including images and videos, control programs such as thruster work, port drive work programs, communication programs for networking, and multi-directional operation programs. The design should focus on the real time nature of the field work, the ability to process information in parallel and used to increase the efficiency of the processor usage.

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Autonomous Navigation Underwater Survey Robot