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What are the Benefits of Installing An Optical Lens on the LED Lamp?

Jul. 12, 2021

The LED car headlights need to be equipped with optical lenses to achieve the effect of condensing light. The light output brightness will not decrease during use. The car light line-cutting star with the lens will not cause the headlight source to scatter, and achieve a good condensing effect. As a Dome lens Manufacturer, share it with everyone.

Glass Optical Domes

Glass Optical Domes

The addition of optical lenses makes the headlights more reasonable, and unnecessary glare is well controlled. Compared with the addition of lenses and halogen lights to LED headlights, the gap is too large. After all, a candle is a candle, no matter how powerful it is, it will not be too bright.

Xenon lamp pretend lens benefits

The effect is the same as that of the LED lamp with a lens, but we all know that the road killer high beam, the headlight glare with the lens will not scatter, and the strong light emitted by the LED bulb or xenon bulb will produce strong scattering, which will affect others. The driver is not friendly and can even cause a safety accident in serious cases.

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