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Application and Market Overview of Fused Silica

Aug. 03, 2021

Because of its excellent physical and chemical properties, fused silica is widely used in electronics, electrical appliances, military, aerospace, optical communications, electric light sources, chemical engineering, metallurgy, instrumentation, optical lenses, anti-corrosion materials and refractory materials. As a Dome Lens Manufacturer, share it with everyone.

Fused silica is widely used in high-tech fields: high-purity high-temperature resistant quartz glass tubes, high-purity coated crucibles, quartz glass for optical communications and quartz glass for lasers have all developed rapidly.

Fused Silica Mirror

Fused Silica Mirror

(1) Electric light source industry

Electric light sources convert electrical energy into light energy and are widely used in daily lighting, industrial and agricultural production, national defense, and scientific research. Common low-intensity energy-saving lamps, germicidal lamps and high-intensity Ley lamps, sodium lamps, metal halide lamps, infrared lamps, and ultraviolet germicidal lamps are all fused silica electric light source products. Germicidal lamps are widely used in the catering industry and the medical and health industries. .

(2) Optical fiber industry

Fused silica material is not only an important basic material for optical fiber preforms, but the entire process of optical fiber production is also inseparable from fused silica products. Good raw materials are the guarantee for the production of stable quality optical fiber products. As an important raw material in MCVD, PCVD and their derivative technology, high-purity fused silica substrate tubes have strict requirements on size and purity. For example, the deposition of new layers of substrate tubes requires light guide grade. At present, although some of the quartz glass products for optical fibers in my country have reached a certain level, there is still a lack of cutting-edge products such as high-purity, high-precision quartz glass base tubes and outer tubes.

(3) Aerospace industry

Fused silica has a low thermal expansion coefficient and excellent radiation resistance, so it is widely used in the aerospace industry. The code-named 7971 fused silica developed by Corning Corporation in the United States has an average linear thermal expansion coefficient of zero in the range of 0~200℃. It has good thermal stability, low density, good rigidity and good polishing performance. This fused silica can be used to make mirror blanks with a diameter of 3.96m. For large astronomical telescopes. Ultraviolet radiation resistant fused silica can filter ultraviolet rays to protect internal sensors. Fused silica is widely used as a structural part in spacecraft and space shuttles.

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