Custom Conical lenses

Optical components for university optical laboratory


What are Optical components

Optical components are used to change the state of light in a variety of ways, including focusing, filtering, reflecting or polarising. optical components are integrated into countless applications such as microscopy, imaging or interferometry for a variety of industries from life sciences to test and measurement. optical components are often designed using specific Optical components are often designed using specific substrates or anti-reflective coatings to optimise performance in a specified UV, visible or IR wavelength or wavelength range.

CLZ Precision Optics is an established supplier of precision optical components for university optical laboratory and research departments, we can provides spherical lenses, prisms, windows, mirrors and wedge windows, with applications for disciplines including particle physics, optical engineering, nanoscience and many more.

Many of different institutions well-known university laboratories rely on us to deliver accurate optical components in China. At the same time, we have expanded our business scope and provided our products to more scientific university and research departments worldwide. Most of these organizations require their custom specifications optical components with small batch, many varieties and strict requirements. We have specialized working room to produce small batch, multi varieties products and used our latest metrology equipment and skilled QA inspectors to keep every one of our products with high quality. Our professionals understand the need for accuracy and have rich experience in producing optical components, their experienced workforce is here to help.

Whatever your requirement, from laser safety windows to imaging lenses system, we always find a solution.