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University & Research

Mar. 27, 2021

CLZ Precision Optics Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer and a supplier of precision optical components. For a long time, we have provided custom optical components for universities and scientific institutes all over the world. The optical components provided by our company have been recognized by scholars and researchers. We always maintain a long-term cooperative relationship.

Optics covers a wide range and intersects with other disciplines. Therefore, when there are many majors in research, they also involve optical research, such as biomedicine (Biomedicine Photonics, Laser Biomedicine), electronics (Optoelectronics). The optical components manufactured and produced by our company include: spherical lenses, optical domes, optical windows, optical mirrors and optical prisms.

Spherical lenses converge or diffuse the light beam. They have a wide range of applications. Spherical lenses can be used for research in astronomical imaging, medical diagnosis, and military exploration. The shape of optical domes is conducive to use in harsh environments. Optical domes protect the instrument from environmental corrosion. They can be used for research in meteorological observation, military missiles, and underwater imaging. Optical windows filters out the light of the required waveband. At the same time, they can play a role in protecting the instrument. Optical windows can be used for the research of spectrum measurement, laser instruments, detection instruments and so on. Optical mirrors and optical prisms mainly change the direction of light propagation. They can be used for military observation, laser scanning, and fiber optic instruments.

In addition to manufacturing and producing custom precision optical components, our company also coat custom optical components according to required needs, including single layer magnesium fluoride coating, broadband anti-reflection coating (BBAR), single wavelength AR coating (V-coating), and dual-band AR coating (W-coating), high reflection all-dielectric coating, dielectric reflective coating and metallic reflection coating.