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Optical Products in Oil & Gas

Apr. 14, 2021

Oil and natural gas have brought a lot of convenience to our lives. They are indispensable non-renewable resources. In the exploitation of oil and natural gas, gas leakage may be caused. Portable photoelectric gas detector is used to detect the gas leakage to avoid casualties. In addition, scanning electron microscope analyzes unconventional oil and gas reservoirs and discovers new resources. In addition, the use of spectral analysis methods identifies pipeline crude oil and quantitatively analyzes gas compositions.

The use of optical lenses is to focus the beam or imaging. The optical mirrors or optical prisms are used to expand the optical path of the transmitted beam in the gas. The optical filters are used to filter stray light, which is mostly used to detect various gas compositions, especially the detection of natural gas. The optical windows play a role of protective function. They isolate the harsh environment of the outside environment. The optical materials can be used are quartz, fused silica, magnesium fluoride, silicon, sapphire and so on. If you need unconventional optical components, please contact us.