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Optical Products in Aerospace & Defense

Apr. 14, 2021

The development of the national defence industry symbolizes the country's comprehensive strength and shoulders the heavy responsibility of defending the country. Modern defense systems use optics in imaging, remote sensing, communications, and machinery. With the development of the military, the quality and accuracy of optical components have been continuously improved, and the production technology of the optical industry has promoted.

Military Equipment

Adding optical components to the design of military equipment improves the performance of the equipment. To improve aiming accuracy and expand the field of fire, optical sights are usually designed and assembled for firearms. To improve the hit rate, the tank's fire control system uses assembled optical sights and optical range finders. To improve the capability of alert detection all day long, the submarine's optronic mast uses infrared windows. Missiles and submarines use cowling and fairings (optical domes) to protect equipment and reduce the impact environment.

Military Detection

With the development of ultraviolet technology, infrared technology and laser technology, optical elements are more widely used in information detecting. To lock and track targets comprehensively and extensively, whether it is aeroplanes, drones and fighters, or satellites and rockets, they will be equipped with appropriate optical instruments, such as cameras, thermal imaging cameras, night vision devices, lidars and so on.

Military Defense

As a military activity center for training and command operations, military bases must take security measures, such as infrared intrusion detectors, video surveillance, and biometric identification. Among these security measures, the most important optical element is the spherical lens. Some biometric technologies also use optical mirrors and optical filters.