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Industry Manufacturing

Apr. 14, 2021

With the development of industrial manufacturing, the manufacturing industry is developing in the direction of intelligence. More and more production lines have introduced machine vision and robots to improve production efficiency and save labor costs. The continuous development of optics, especially laser technology, has also increased the production capacity of related industries.

The food processing industry uses near-infrared moisture meters to measure the moisture content of grains to avoid mildew. The printing factory introduces laser printers, laser scanners and scanning instruments to reduce time of manual work. The petroleum processing industry uses Fourier infrared spectroscopy to distinguish crude oil. The pharmaceutical and pharmaceutical industry uses machine vision to control the processing of drugs. It uses high-precision microscopes to develop drugs. Metal smelting uses infrared thermometers to measure the temperature of smelted metals. When the automobile manufacturing industry is processing, it uses machine vision to monitor the accuracy of the processed vehicle. It equips the vehicles with driving recorders and camera equipment to help drivers drive safely.

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