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UV Fused Silica Windows Used In High-power Laser Head Protection Window

Jun. 17, 2019

CLZ Optics is a manufacturer that customizes a variety of Fused Silica Windows. The main products are UV fused silica windows, IR fused silica windows, and quartz crystal windows. We can provide custom-made fused silica windows according to special requirements or drawings.

Precision Fused Silica Windows

Precision Fused Silica Windows

All of these customized fused silica windows are made of UV-grade or IR-grade synthetic fused silica. Such as Corning 7980, NKFS, JGS1, JGS2, JGS3 and so on. Creator Optics can manufacture high Precision Fused Silica Windows. The surface quality can up to 10/5, flatness can up to 1/10 lambda and parallelism up to 30 arc second. In addition, these hi-precision fused silica windows can be coated quality laser AR coating of high resistance to laser damage threshold. Widely used in high-power laser Head Protection Window.